This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy/Policy”) discloses the privacy practices for Teesas (“Teesas”, “we”, “us” or “our”) with regard to Your (“You/you” or “Your/your”) use of the online platform (“Website”) and Teesas Education App (“App”) including how we collect, store, process, use, share and secure the information it receives about you and your rights, obligations, use, access and correction in relation to your personal data. By making use of our app/website/services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect

When you visit the site, we collect, store and process useful information that helps us to improve the usability of the website by making it secure, improving response performance and enhancing the overall efficiency of the site. This includes using a technology known as Cookies that contains technical data about how you interact with our services. As a visitor, you can conditionally access certain publicly available information on our website without providing any personally identifying information. Your personal data is collected when you engage with any of our services in order to help us curate contents and offer tailored experiences and services that are relevant to what we can provide to you. Your personal data is any information that can in any way identify you as a user on our app/website.

Ways in which we can collect your personal data include:

  • When you enter your email, phone number in our registration page.
  • When you enter your email, phone number in our login page.
  • When you contact our customer care through any of the means we've provided on our website.
  • When you participate in activities on our website.
  • When you share personally identifying information on our website.

Reasons we can collect your personal data includes in no particular order:

  • For legal purposes and obligations.
  • For regulatory purposes and obligations.
  • To improve our services and offerings to you.
  • To provide customized service experience to you.
  • To personally identify you.
  • To prevent impersonation of your identity on our platform.
  • To protect your rights.
  • To protect your interests.
  • To protect our commercial interests.
  • For third-party services including but not limited to payment services, advertisement services and authentication services.
  • To generally serve you better.

Data we collect includes:

  • Names.
  • Email address.
  • Display picture.
  • Mailing address.
  • Phone number.
  • IP address.
  • Geographic location.
  • Phone number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Debit card number.
  • Credit card number.
  • Billing address.
  • Username.
  • Password.
  • Reviews.
  • Ratings.
  • Syllabus.
  • Course preferences.
  • Preferred account settings.
  • Service provided information.
  • Surveys data.
  • Marketing promotions.
  • Classes.
  • Study materials.
  • Courses.
  • Search queries and URL parameters.
  • Customer service i.e. title, description, category, date, screenshots, call recordings.
  • Device ID.
  • Browser and standard web server log information.
  • Information collected via the use of cookies, web beacons, e.t.c.

Information that is collected from you is used to provide and customize the services you have requested and to exercise or comply with legal rights, obligations or for normal business purposes of the kind set out in this Policy.
Your personal Information is used to enhance our services by improving its security, performance and personalized customizations for you. We may contact you about your account and our services, in-person or online, in order to provide you with our customer service or to provide you with personalized marketing and to detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities.
We further use your personal information to determine your general geographic location, provide localized courses and classes, provide you with customized and personalized study material, recommendations, determine your Internet service provider , and help us quickly and efficiently respond to inquiries and requests and enforcing our terms (such as determining free trial eligibility) and communicate with you concerning our service (for example by email, push notifications, text messaging, and online messaging channels), so that we can send you details about new features and content available on the Website, special offers, promotional announcements, surveys, and to assist you with operational requests such as password reset requests.

Third-Party Data

We also collect information about you from third parties.This includes.
  • Payment information such as time of payment, amount per payment and credit/debit card last four digits. We do not store any card information (other than the last 4 digits of your card) in our servers.
  • Authentication information such as email.

Our third-party service providers remain responsible for the quality of their services and do not share our proprietary data. They may, where necessary, maintain their brand identity and require our users to identify themselves on their platform through our website. We’ve chosen our third-party service providers because of their experience in their domains and the quality of their service. The data from our third-party service providers that are shared with us only help us to update your related records on our platform thereby helping us to serve you better.
We will share your data with our third-party service providers where necessary especially for legal or security reasons.
Note that anytime you click on links (including advertising banners), which take you to third party websites, you will be subject to the third parties’ privacy policies. We do not control such other sites and are not responsible for their content, their privacy policies, or their use of personal data, including any personal or financial information collected by our third party payment processor to process payments for in-app purchases. Teesas’s inclusion of such links does not imply any endorsement of the content on such sites or of their owners or operators except as disclosed on the Services. Any information submitted by you directly to these third parties is subject to that third party’s privacy policy.


When you enter our website, we collect information about your browser type and your IP address (a unique address that identifies your computer on the Internet). We also store certain information from your browser using a technology known as "cookies." A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's computer tied to information about the user. Cookies can be stored temporarily or permanently and can be cleared by a user. You can disable cookies in your browser, however, you should note that cookies may be necessary to provide you certain features available on the Website (e.g. customized delivery of information).

Surveys and Feedback

By means of in-person or online interviews, questionnaires, surveys or any feedback means,you provide information that would be very helpful in analyzing, testing, securing our services. We keep records of this feedbacks for future references when required. This information is not shared with third parties unless stated otherwise. In most cases, your identity would remain anonymous during and after conducting these surveys and feedbacks. We will use the information you provide in these feedbacks to analyse, secure and enhance our services, to provide you with a personalized experience on our Website (especially, by offering you services that is best suited for you), to contact you about your account and our services, to provide you customer service, to provide you with personalized marketing and to detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities.

Security and Sensitive Data

We urge you not to share your personal information such as login passwords, credit card cvc with other users on our website or app. When using third party authentication or payment servicesensure that there is an https connection. Third party services only share information with us that you’ve permitted them to share with us on our request. Sensitive third-party data are stored on their servers and we can only receive certain information based on permissions. In most cases, you’ll be informed ahead of time of the data we’re requesting from these third parties. We secure sensitive data by using cryptographic algorithms such as hashes, AES encryptions, administrative measures, IAM access privileges, e.t.c. We use other companies, agents or contractors ("Third parties") to perform services on our behalf or to assist us with the provision of services to you.

Typical scenarios where Third parties assist us are in
  • In targeted marketing / Advertising,
  • To personalize and optimize our service,
  • In realtime Communications or feedback sessions,
  • Infrastructure and IT services,
  • In facilitating payments or collecting late fees,
  • To provide customer service,
  • To aggregate, explore and interpret data available,

In the course of providing such services, these Third parties may have access to your personal or other information. We do not authorize them to use or disclose your personal information except in connection with providing their services.
We only share your personal data when it is necessary to offer the Service legally required or permitted by you.
Upon legal requests, we will share your personal data with authorised entities such as lawyers, agents or government agencies. Depending on the legal jurisdiction of the states we operate in, we will have to share and access your personal data according to the legal statutes in order to comply with their laws, protect our assets, curtail any potential criminal activities and most importantly , to protect your interests where required.
We will also provide access to our data and infrastructures to our staffs, with the required privileges, in order to analyze and advise us on useful information based on the data we store so that we can improve our service and understand how to serve you better. Please note that some of these rights are not absolute. In some cases, we may refuse a request to exercise particular rights if complying with it meant that we are no longer able to meet our contractual obligation to provide you with particular products and services. We will keep you informed as to the actions that we can take when you make your request.


We own all rights and licenses, without exception, to our websites and services, in whole or in part.You are not permitted to access this website for commercial use. Do not copy, store, modify, distribute, transmit, display, print, publish, sell, license, re-post, create derivative works or using any content available on or through our website or app, in whole or in part, for commercial or public purposes. There are no exclusive right nor exceptions to any of our copyrighted contents unless otherwise publicly stated and granted. Our Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without notice to reflect changes to our information practices. Please review this policy periodically.

Children’s Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of children is especially important.
Website: The Website is not intended for children, does not market to children, and does not knowingly collect personal information from children. All references to “children” or “child” in this Children’s Privacy Policy shall mean children under 13 years of age, and all references to the term “parent” shall include legal guardians. If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use or access the Website at any time or in any manner. If we learn that personally identifiable information has been provided to us and/or collected on the Website from persons under 13 years of age and without verifiable parental consent, such as through a support request, we take the appropriate steps to delete this information. If you are a parent and discover that your child under 13 years of age has provided personal information through the Website, then you may alert us at and request that we delete that child’s information from our systems. A parent or teacher can visit his or her account at any time to delete any information and/or the account.

App: We encourage parents and teachers to supervise their child or student’s use of the App. No personal information is collected or solicited from a child user of the App. We may collect analytics data (which does not contain personal information) from a child’s use of the App in order to offer and develop the Service, and we may collect information about a child such as age and nickname from you as part of your use of the App and the creation of your child’s user profile. We strive to keep the level of information collected from your child to a minimum, and in no event do we collect more information than what is required to use our learning app. The App contains no external links to third-party websites or services. We require all users of the App to use a parent or guardian’s email address in order to create an account. If permission is not received within 14 days from the email account holder, the account will be deleted. In order to enable interactive features, such as Workbooks, the App may request permission to access your device’s camera. Images captured by your device’s camera are processed only on your device by the App and are never saved. We do not receive the images captured by your device. We will obtain prior parental consent if any changes we make to this Privacy Policy affect users under the age of 13 in a way that requires such consent under COPPA. The App is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. The kidSAFE Seal Program is an independent safety certification service and seal-of-approval program designed exclusively for children-friendly websites and technologies, including kid-targeted game sites, educational services, virtual worlds, social networks, mobile apps, tablet devices, and other similar interactive services and technologies. Click on the seal or go to for more information.