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  • Access to past questions and other resource

    Using multiple websites or preparation materials for JAMB and WAEC can be costly and time-consuming. Matric is the app that gives you access to over 40 years each of AI-powered UTME & SSCE solutions.

  • Exam Tips & Tricks

    Get all of the UTME/SSCE exam's past questions and answers—new and updated—with tips and tricks that you can use to practise every day.

  • Accelerated Speed & Time

    The secret to acing your exam lies not in preparation only, but also in ensuring that you have the speed and can manage your examination time properly. Matric enables you to explore mock assessments, which replicate the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination condition.

  • Solution-based Video Content Techniques

    With a daily commitment to providing you with useful and distinctive learning solutions as you start preparing for your examination, Matric includes comprehensive step-by-step, solution-based video tutorials, on how to approach each problem/topic using several proven techniques.

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Brand Guarantee Score 300+ in JAMB and all As in WAEC, with a chance to win 1 Million Naira in Scholarship!

Matric by Teesas Education is an AI-powered learning solution that is detailed, informative, and up-to-date with UTME/SSCE past questions and answers with the likeliest topics from previous years.

At Teesas, we care about making sure you get the most out of Matric; as a result, Teesas Education will be awarding up to 1 Million Naira in Scholarship to candidates who score 300+ in JAMB and all A’s in WAEC.

Our guarantee is intended to encourage all of our Matric subscribers to put forth the best effort in their exams and become high flyers in their chosen University courses.

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Frequently asked questions

What is MATRIC by Teesas?

Matric is a research based examination preparation application that provides you with possible JAMB & WAEC questions and answers. It gives you a complete and well-rounded resource, to enable you to pass the UTME and SSCE exams, excellently, in one sitting.

How can you use MATRIC?

By simply downloading the Teesas Education App from Google Play or IOS Stores, select Exam Preparation and subscribe for your preferred UTME/SSCE package; Basic or Premium and you are on your way to success.

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium subscription bundles?

The Basic gives you access to over 4 decades of past questions to practise with along with detailed answers.

The Premium, on the other hand, comes with well-explained video tutorials, culled from 40+ years of frequently repeated questions in UTME and SSCE, to not only drill you but help you understand.

Can you download the tutorial videos to watch later?

Yes! Using the in-app download feature, you can download with the internet, and save it to watch and learn offline, at a later time.

Can you share downloaded videos with friends not on the app?

No! Your friends will have to also subscribe. But guess what? When they subscribe using your referral code, you get a cash bonus for referring them.

What other resources does MATRIC provide?

There is the opportunity to win a scholarship for MATRIC subscribers, who excel in the UTME and SSCE in that year.

What else does MATRIC offer?

Scheduled live lessons, on various subjects and topics for subscribers.

Information as to where you can register for the UTME exam, as well as have physical tutorials, towards preparing for the exams.

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